Planet Water
Wednesday, July 07, 2021
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm, RSVP only
Zinnengasse 4, 8001 Zurich

18:15             Introduction of the virtual gallery by video artists from Studio de Maan

18:30-19:00  Science talk by Katja Peijnenburg, followed by Q & A

19:30 Live     Koi Noises, Butoh Solo Performance by Sylvie Chen, Music by Christian Fischer.

20:30-21:00  Science talk by Katja Peijnenburg, followed by Q & A

Join us for a meet & greet with the video artists in the virtual gallery:
July 7: 18:30-19:00
July 8: 17:00-18:00

Dr. Katja Peijnenburg a.k.a. @katjaplankton is a researcher and group leader ‘Plankton Diversity and Evolution’ at Naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden (the Netherlands). Katja and her team study drifting animals in the open ocean: the zooplankton. Current research focuses on planktonic snails because these are sensitive indicators of the impacts of global change. Besides playing key roles in the oceanic food chain and the global carbon cycle, planktonic snails are mesmerizing creatures speaking to the hearts of people. By teaming up with Studio de Maan, they produced videos to communicate research findings as well as their beauty, in the hope to inspire people to take better care of our planet
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Koi Noises
Butoh Solo Performance by Sylvie Chen, Music by Christian Fischer. 
What moved us ? For how long can one breathe bring us to travel in a spiraling time ? What is the possible memory of future underneath our various skin ? During 20 minutes, Sylvie Chen invites the audience for a mutual mirroring through her physical transformations . Between eyes & toes, the energy is recycled. ARTIST BIO : Sylvie Chen , Zürich based interdisciplinary artist in Butoh Dance, Organic Voice, Photos & Video Installation. Her last Solo & groupe exhibition have be shown in Art Basel ( Basel ) 2017, Art Basel ( Miami ) 2019, Berlin Art week 2019; Her painting, Video & multilinguale poetry have been collected by Berlin Enter Art Foundation, Shanghai J Gallery; Rui Cunha Foundation in Macau.

Studio de Maan ~ Virtual Gallery
The virtual gallery was built on mozilla hubs by Studio de Maan and will be open 24/7. This expo shows videos showcasing recent publications of the Plankton Diversity and Evolution Group and lets you discover a hi-res 3D scan of a 1mm pteropod shell up close. In the back of the room there is also an audiovisual recording of our plankton VJ work streaming with exclusive music by Mark Nieuwenhuis with Shishani (vocals) and Zubi (bass).
See you there: