Mare Incognitum – plankton in a sea of change
Wednesday, June 30, 2021
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm, RSVP only
Zinnengasse 4, 8001 Zurich

Science Pitch by Meike Vogt, Fabio Benedetti, Urs Hofmann Elizondo; ETH Zurich

6:30pm: Meike Vogt
The air that we breathe: Die Rolle von Plankton im Klimasystem

7:00: Urs Hofmann Elizondo
Ozeanlandschaften im Wandel der Jahreszeiten

07:30 Fabio Benedetti
Through the looking glass: The magical diversity of marine fauna

Let’s gather to learn 
a lesson from the essential: 
the teaching of oxygen 
and carbon 

Marine plankton form the base of the marine food-web and mediate important biogeochemical cycles on planet Earth. Yet, this diverse group of organisms remains poorly understood. In a series of short pop-up talks, three marine scientists will take you on a journey into the fantastic world of plankton, and introduce you to their resourcefulness, diversity, and ethereal beauty. We will highlight differences between marine and terrestrial ecosystems, explore the role of plankton in the uptake of anthropogenic carbon, and illuminate knowns and unknowns with regard to their response to global climate change. See marine ecosystems through a scientist’s passionate eye, and discover fun facts about that 71% of the Earth’s surface that we know so little about.