“Plankton and plastic floating forest”
Wednesday, June 23, 2021
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm, RSVP only
Zinnengasse 4, 8001 Zurich

Workshop for children  6 - 12 years old 
Creation of a site-specific installation in collaborative action to sensitize new generations on the theme of oceanic plastics by Andrea Liberni

1) Presentation of plankton and its infinite forms, pointing out the risks and fragility to which it is exposed.
2) Realization of small paper sculptures.
3) Positioning  sculptures created in the space... and experiencing the finished collective work all together.

The project aims to raise awareness among children, and also adults, on the subject of plankton fragility and its close link with human activities. It consists of creating a plankton cloud hanging from the ceiling in front of the dark blue curved wall of the exhibtion space - a cloud composed of hundreds of small semi-transparent paper sculptures "pseudo jellyfish", created by the participants. The collective work of art will genereate a dialogue for the participants, artists and visitors, sharing and dialogue on the environmental theme that will contribute to increasing the sense of responsibility and attention on this topic. 

If plankton’s life
is a lesson in unity, 
it tells our mere 
terrestrial humanity 
that the world is adrift. 
So let’s drift. 

Andrea Liberni, artist, architect, and urban planner from Milan, Italy has been performing a crucial role for Katja Loher’s projects. He is collaborating in the architectural and conceptual planning of her creations.
The workshop he hosts at the Plankton Manifesto Zurich aims to raise awareness on the problem of ocean plastics and to encourage imagination, creativity and dexterity in the new generations.